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Tuta Absoluta Discussions
Sidney asked on 21st Nov 2011

Does anyone know if adult Tuta have a preference for a particular colour of sticky trap? Yellow for example?

agripest Responded on 26th Nov 2011 From our work in 2009, Comparing black, white and blue, Blue gave higher capture. Recently Dr Ali Kafu from Libya (ubpublished work) reported that when Tuta absoluta was given a choice of yellow and blue sticky traps, The blue was more attractive.
Patrick Z Responded on 12th Jun 2012 In Northern Europe colour of sticky trap depends on climate (brightness of light), on light days yellow traps work better, on cloudy days blue traps work better. Best effect is made working with sex-pheromones and watertraps. Put a few drops of soap in the water to break the surface tension of the water, it will increase effects rapidly.

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