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Tuta Absoluta Reports

Tuta absoluta in Foggia - ITALY

Submitted by Mirko on 26th May 2010

 The Foggia province (Apulia Region, Southern Italy ), with about 19,000 hectares planted to processing tomatoes, is the largest European district of production. In Foggia province, Tuta absoluta adults were first detected during summer 2009 in both field and greenhouse tomato crops by sex pheromone traps. In addition, leaf and fruit damage has also been found in greenhouse crops.

Since February 2010, a monitoring system of T. absoluta was set up in different sites of the Foggia district covering all areas of processing tomatoes cultivation. The pest was captured in all trapping sites even before seedling transplantation. On May 20, 2010 a serious attack on tomato leaves by T. absoluta larvae was detected in a field located in the countryside of Orta-Nova ( Foggia , province).

Dott Giacinto S. Germinara, Phd. University of Foggia

Dott Michele Di Cataldo. agonomist.

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