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Tuta Absoluta News
11th Feb 2010
Ist International conference on Tuta absoluta

The first International Conference on Tuta absoluta will take place in Valancia Spain between 23-24 March 2010

1st International PHYTOMA-Spain Conference
on Tuta absoluta. Tomato leaf miner, a serious problem in expansion.

Valencia, 23rd and 24th March 2010
Main Hall, Rectory Building

Phtoma Spain is organising the first International Symposium on Tuta absoluta. It is the first major gathering of  Acadamic, Proffessional and commercial organisations from different countries to share thier experience in the fieght against Tuta absoluta.

For further details and reserving a place in this event please the conference team at phtoma

Tel:   +34 96 382 65 11

Fax:  +34 96 382 65 15 


Conference programme 

TUESDAY, 23rd March

  Documentation handover at the Encounter Technical Secretariat.

10:00-10:20h. INAUGURATION chaired by Ms. Maritina Hernández, Regional Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.  Juan  Francisco Juliá Igual, Rector of Valencia Polytechnic University.  Accompanied by Mr. Gonzalo Iranzo Pous and Mr. Joan Benlloch from PHYTOMA-Spain.

10:20-10:40h. Description, origin and expansion of Tuta absoluta.
Mr. Ferran Garcia-Marí.  Mediterranean Agroforestry Institute.  Polytechnic University of Valencia.

10:40-11:00. *Alverde: the BASF solution for control of Tuta absoluta.
Ms. Angela Araujo Gonçalves.  Horticultural Crop Manager.  BASF.

11:00-11:30h. Coffee courtesy of BASF

11:30-11:50h. Tuta absoluta ecology, sampling and thresholds.
Ms. Rosa Vercher-Aznar.  Mediterranean Agroforestry Institute.  Polytechnic University of Valencia.

11:50-12:10h. *Spintor 480SC: Natural Efficacy.
Ms. María Torné.  DowAgroSciences Research Department.

12,10-12,30h. ROUND TABLE on damage and ecology of tomato leaf miner in Spain.

 Moderator: Mr. Tomás Cabello.
Members:  Mr. Ferran Garcia-Marí and Ms. Rosa Vercher-Aznar.

Tuta absoluta in Spain.
CONTROL STRATEGIES (biotechnological, phytosanitary, biological, hygiene criteria…) and experiments in TOMATO LEAF MINER MANAGEMENT in different cultivation and geographic conditions

 12:30-12:35h. Brief introduction to global strategies for the control of Tuta.
Ms. Rosa Vercher-Aznar.  Mediterranean Agroforestry Institute.  Polytechnic University of Valencia.

 12:35-12:55h. Application of sexual confusion technique in control of Tuta absoluta.
Mr. Vicente Navarro Llopis.  Researcher from the Mediterranean Agroforestry Institute in the UPV Agricultural Chemical Ecology Centre (CEQA).  Valencia.

 12:55-13:15h. *Use of pheromones in control of Tuta absoluta: first field experience.
Dr. Santiago Martí.  Director of Development from Suterra España Biocontrol.

 13:15-13:35h. *Managing Tuta absoluta with pheromones.
Dr. Shakir Al-Zaidi.  Russell IPM Ltd. UK.

 13:35h-13:55h. Biological control of Tuta absoluta.  Experiments carried out in IVIA.
Mr. Alberto Urbaneja.  Valencian Agricultural Research institute, IVIA.  Moncada.  Valencia.

 13:55-14:15h. *Biological control strategy for Tuta absoluta in tomato by release of Nesidiocoris tenuis in pre-transplant.
Mr. José Eduardo Belda.  Koppert España.

14,15h. Encounter Lunch.
16:00-16:20h. Application of egg parasitoids in control of Tuta absoluta in Spain.
Mr. Tomás Cabello.  Agro-alimentary Biotechnology Research Centre.  University of Almeria.

 16:20-16:40h. *Certis IPM Programme for control of Tuta absoluta.
Mr. Laurence Gutiérrez Giulianotti.  Head of Regulatory Affairs and Technical Dept. Certis Europe.

 16:40-17:00h. Results of tomato leaf miner biological control experiments in greenhouse and open air crops in Catalonia.
Ms. Rosa Gabarra.  IRTA.  Cabrils.  Barcelona.

 17:00-17:20h. Biological control of Tuta absoluta with Bacillus thuringiensis.
Dr. Joel González Cabrera.  Associated Entomology Unit UJI-IVIA-CIB CSIC.  Vegetal Protection and Biotechnology Centre.  IVIA.  Moncada.  Valencia.

 17:20-17:40h. *BT and control of Tuta with DiPel DF.
Dr. Dirk Ave. Technical Director of Bacillus thuringiensis in Agriculture.  Valent BioSciences Corporation.  Illinois.  USA.

 17:40-18:00h. *CAL-EX AVANCE new alternative in the combat strategy against Tuta absoluta.
Mr. Pedro Jesús Espinosa.  Marketing Department.  Head of Insecticide Products.  Agrodan.

 18:00-18:20h. Global strategies in Tuta management in Murcia.
Mr. Antonio Monserrat.  Murcia SSV.

 18:20-18:40h. *Fenos:  new insecticide from Bayer for control of Tuta absoluta.
Mr. José Luis Robles.  Horticultural Crop Manager.  Bayer CropScience.

 18:40-19:00h. *Affirm (Emamectin), a new weapon against Tuta absoluta and other lepidopteran caterpillars.
Mr. Federico González.  Head of Insecticide Products.  Syngenta Agro S.A.

 19:00-19:20h. Experiments on control methods for Tuta in Valencia.
Mr. José Luis Porcuna.  Vegetal Health Service.  Silla.  Valencia.

19:30h. Buses depart for Hotel Reina

 WEDNESDAY, 24th March

9:30-9:50h. Resistance to insecticides in Tuta absoluta.
Dr. Pablo Bielza.  Senior Technical School of Agriculture Engineering.  Polytechnic University of Cartagena.  Murcia.

 9:50-10:10h. *DuPont strategies in control of Tuta absoluta.
Ms. Elena Astor.  Marketing Department.  DuPont Crop Protection.

 10:10-10:20h. *International Biocontrol Manufacturers' Association, IBMA: presentation of IBMA in Spain.
Ms. Carolina Fernández.  Member of IBMA-Spain.  R+D Director from FuturEco Bioscience.

 10,20-11,30h. ROUND TABLE on Tuta absoluta control strategies in Spain.

 Moderator: Ms. Rosa Vercher-Aznar.
Members: Mr. Vicente Navarro Llopis, Mr. Alberto Urbaneja, Mr. Tomás Cabello, Ms. Rosa Gabarra, Mr. Joel González Cabrera,  Mr. Antonio Monserrat, Mr. José Luis Porcuna and Dr. Pablo Bielza.

11,30-12,00h. Break.

Tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta, in other COUNTRIES.

 12:00-12:20h. Introduction and distribution of Tuta absoluta in Algeria.  First experiences in managing tomato leaf miner in the Northwest area of the country.  Preliminary studies in biological control by use of indigenous natural enemies.
AESID collaboration project: “Strategies for integrated management of Tuta”.  Valencia Polytechnic University – University of Mostaganem.
Ms. Yamina Guenaoui.  University of Mostaganem.  Algeria.

 12:20-12:40h. Biological control experiments in Tuta absoluta in France.
Dr. Nicolas Desneux.  Integrated Horticultural Research Unit.  INRA.  Sophia-Antipolis.  France.

 12:40-13:00h. Integrated management of Tuta absoluta in France.
Ms. Elisabeth Tabone.  INRA. France.

 13:00-13:30h. Efficient control strategies against Tuta absoluta in industrial tomato in Brazil.
Dr. Marcelo Piano. Federal University of Viçosa Brazil.

 13,30-14,00h. ROUND TABLE on Tuta absoluta control strategies in other countries.

 Moderator: Mr. Alberto Urbaneja.
Members: Ms. Yamina Guenaoui, Dr. Nicolas Desneux, Ms. Elisabeth Tabone and Dr. Marcelo Picanço.

 14,00h CLOSING CEREMONY of the Encounter chaired by Mr. Manuel Láinez, Director General of Agroalimentary Research of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

14,15h. Closing cocktail courtesy of Dow AgroSciences Ibérica SA

Encounter Moderator: Mr. Joan Benlloch.

The Encounter will have simultaneous SPANISH-ENGLISH  translation.

The OFFICIAL PRESENTATIONS will be of  20 min duration, after which speakers will take part in a Round Table, where the members may clear up any doubts.

*COMPANY PRESENTATIONS  will have 15 min to make the presentation plus 5 to deal with queries from the audience.

 ÂÂ¡ The queries put forward by the audience in the ROUND TABLES, as well as in the Commercial Presentations, will be in writing. The pad will be provided along with the Symposium Documentation.

Personalised documentation also includes the corresponding attendance Diplomas and invoices.

Organization BUS SERVICE and Hotels. Members staying in the Hotels provided and reserved  by the Organisation will have a Bus service to and from the Hotel Reina Victoria.

Encounter Technical Secretary
C/San Jacinto, 1-3, 1ª planta. 46008 Valencia
Telephone: 96 382 65 11/10  -  Fax:  96 382 65 15


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