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Tuta Absoluta News
27th Nov 2011
Iran reports the presence of Tuta absoluta in 24 out 33 provinces

During the last International meeting on Tutaa absoluta, the Representative of the official plant protection organisation in Iran reported the presence of Tuta absoluta in 24 out 33 provinces.

Dr Ahmed Cheraghian, national coordinator of the Tuta absoluta program at the Plant Protection Organisation has reported that Tuta absoluta has been recorded in 24 out of the 33 Iranian provinces. This announcement came during the Tuta absoluta conference in Agadir 16-18 November 2011.

The first siting of the pest was in the north western province of Azerbaijan close to the Turkish border and extended eastward along the Caspian Sea. It was later reported in Ilam, Kermanshah in the west along the Iraq boards. Tuta absoluta has also established in  Bushehr , Fars and Hurmozgan along the Gulf. The advance of the pest eastward continued during 2011 to cover most of the central and western provinces.  

Tuta absoluta is now effectively at the boards of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is not clear yet if any of the above countries has any plans in place to prepare them for the introduction of Tuta absoluta in their territories.  ÃƒÂ‚ 


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