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Tuta Absoluta News
7th Nov 2010
Reports of further Tuta absoluta  outbreaks in Iraq

After the outbreak of Tuta absoluta in the area of Rabe'a , Ninawa province, new reports arrived of an outbreak in the province of Sulaymania.

Outbreak  of  Tuta absoluta has been confirmed in greenhouses in the area of Bazian / Sulaymania province in the north east of Iraq.

Last month , a mission from the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture found the insect in the area of Rabe's in the north west corner of the country after investigating the fields around the village of "Tel Elhawa".

Rabe'a which cultivates around 6,000 Hactare of Tomato and supplies much of Iraq during the autumn time is facing serous economic consequence. Across the Syrian board there is also large tomato production which is showing signs of infestation. In the meantime the Ministry of Agriculture have organised a seminar discussing this new arrival and plan a strategy to combat its impact and to put preventative measure to reduce its impact on other production areas of Iraq.

The new outbreak is signifacant as it shows  the speed at wich the insect is spreading and also the close proximity of the new outbreak to Iran.


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