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Tuta Absoluta News
14th Jul 2009
Tuta absoluta in Libya

The tomato leaf Miner Tuta absoluta has been detected in pheromone traps in two locations in Libya. Tuta abosluta were captured in tomato fields in two main tomato producing locations in Libya.

London, 14 July 2009

The presence of the Tuta absoluta in Libya was finally confirmed today in a communication with Dr  Ali Kafu, Senior Scientist at the Plant Protection Department at the Agricultural Research Centre in Tripoli. Libya.

The pest was captured in pheromone baited traps placed in farms in two locations. Genitalia of the captured samples were checked and the identity of the species was confirmed.

It was reported also that the Ministry of Agriculture is planning a nationwide pheromone traps placement to assess the extent of the pest distribution.

Libya is the latest country in the region to report the presence of  Tuta absoluta in tomato production. It could have serious consequences on the production in many  important agricultural areas in the country.


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