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Tuta Absoluta Discussions
Crisu asked on 8th Mar 2010

Dear all, I `ll start to work with T. absoluta and need to rear the insect in the lab. Normally we use a medium from Shorey&Hale (1965) for Lepitoptera- do you have experience with rearing. I am grateful for suggestens, Thanks

Neil Responded on 9th Jul 2010

Hello, I am also looking into insect diets. I think we will start with variations of the diet from this open-access paper:

Beans                           75g

Wheatgerm                   60g

Soya flour                     30g

Casein                          30g

Brewers yeast               37.5g

Ascorbic acid                3.6g

Sorbic acid                   1.8g

Nipagin                         3.0g

Tetracycline                  113g

Formaldehyde               3.6g

Vitamin solution            9.0 ml

Agar                             23g

Tomato leaf powder        15g

De-ionised water            1185ml

"To obtain the extract of leaves, 15g of leaves are weighed and crushed in water using a blender. Waste is removed by skimming the material from the blender. The extract is then mixed together with lactoalbumine. To obtain the leaf powder, the mix is dried and ground. This powder can now be added to the diet."

I think we will just dry the leaves, without lactoalbumine. We will try diets with/without tomato leaf powder.

Do you have access to a lab strain of Tuta?

Many thanks


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