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Tuta Absoluta Discussions
Bogey asked on 7th Sep 2009

I have just returned from a working holiday in Almeria where a friend has an organic smallholding. An outbreak of Tuta Absoluta occurred about one month ago. The only product that killed the eggs, larvae and adult moths was "Eradicoat T". Anybody else?

Jonathan Responded on 9th Sep 2009

Champon Millennium Chemicals has an insecticide, Bugitol, blended from plant extracts that kills and controls tuta absoluta.

contact in Bordeaux, France

mrtbrz Responded on 12th Oct 2009

Spinosad is Organic base moleculs that is best product against tuta absoluta.

Dose rate is 25 cc / hl or 250 cc / ha

Best regards


Roy_Rak Responded on 20th Nov 2009

Yes for Spinosad, but Spinosad kill bees and bumblebees...

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