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Tuta Absoluta Discussions
Smyej asked on 22nd Jun 2009

we're a company specilized in aplied microbiology. I'm interested to colaborate in an IPM program including beneficial insects, entomopatogenic nematodes and fungi (metarhizium anisopliae) to control tuta absoluta in Morocco.

ME Responded on 23rd Jun 2009

I think biotechnical control is important as complement tool to control Tuta and to evaluate to effectiveness of other ways of treatment. we can collaborate in an IPM program - 

Jonathan Responded on 9th Sep 2009

We have a product with extensive testing in Morocco that controls tuta absoluta. It is IPM in one product and can be organic certified, as it is in the U.S.

If interested, contact Louis Champon at and he can put you in touch with the agent in Morocco who is working with the research scientists.

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