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Tuta Absoluta Reports

First Record of Important Natural Enemies on Tomato Borer Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in Greenhouses in central Iraq

Submitted by Agripest on 7th Nov 2013

A survey was conducted for natural enemies of Tomato Borer Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) on selected Tomato greenhouses at Abu-Ghraib/ Baghdad Province and Kut,Ahrar and Sweera / Wasit Province during the season of 2011-2012. All samples were identified by British Natural History Museum. 

According to the Museum report, five Hymenopterous parasitoids were identified on Tuta absoluta;They were namely : two egg parasitoids Trichogramma pintoi(Trchogrammatidae) and Telenomus sp.(Platygastridae); two larval parasitoids Bracon (Habrobracon)sp.(Braconidae) and Closterocerus sp.(Eulophidae) ; pupal parasitoid Proconura sp.(Chalcididae) .

This is the first record for Iraq except of the second one and all of them for Tuta absoluta as well. Furthermore four predators were identified; Hemipterous predators: Nesidiocoris tenius (Miridae), Orius albidipennis(Anthocoridae), Metacanthus lineata (Berytidae) and Neuropterous predator Chrysoperla carnea (Chrysopidae).The third predator was considered as the first record in Iraq yet all of them for Tuta absoluta as well.

Publication:  *Part of PhD. Dissertation for the first author/ College of Agric./Univ. of Baghdad

Amer J.Al-Gerrawy, Ministry of Agriculture/Directorate of Wasit Agriculture ,kut ,Iraq E-mail:

Hamza K.Al-Zubaidy , College of Agriculture / Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq

Nizar N. Hama, Ministry of Agriculture/ National centre for Organic Farming .Baghdad ,Iraq

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