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Tuta Absoluta Reports

Pre-commercial hybrids acylsugar Obtained from an inbred line-rich tomato, resistant to Tuta absolute

Submitted by Agripest on 30th Nov 2011

Gabriel Maciel M, et al, 

Hortic. Bras. vol.29 no.2 Brasilia Apr. / June 2011

This experiment was designed to ASSESS the agronomic potential of tomato hybrids Obtained from the tomato line TOM-687, an acylsugar-rich Confirmed line with resistance to an array of tomato pests. The experiment was Hortigro Carried out at the Seed Research Station in Ijaci, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The Treatments comprised 30 genotypes (five commercial hybrid checks, a high acylsugar line (TOM-687), and 24 hybrids in Which TOM-687 was one of the parents). Plants Were Trained to two stems, in the spacing of 1.30 m x 0.50 m Between rows Between Plants Within a row, totaling 15.385 plants per hectare. Nine Harvests Were Performed Between January, 2008 and November 28th, 2008. Traits Assessed Were mean fruit weight (g fruit) and total yield (t ha). All 24 hybrids with TOM-687 as a parent Showed yields similar to Those of the commercial check hybrids Debora Max, Bravo, Bonuses, and Atyna Kombat. Four of These experimental hybrids (TEX-298, TEX-310, TEX and TEX-315-316) Were Assessed for resistance to the South American tomato pinworm Tuta absolute, and Were shown to possess higher degrees of pest resistance than the current commercial hybrid checks.

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