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Tuta Absoluta Reports

Andalusia controls the pest of " Tuta Absolute "in tomato crops outdoors

Submitted by Agripest on 1st Oct 2010


Trials in Seville and Granada, with important advances in performance and life cycle of the pest, confirm the success of integrated control techniques and offer strategies available to producers.

Sevilla. 01/10/2010
Luis Gómez Curtain ,


The Ministry Agriculture and Fisheries of Andalusia met with the task force to combat Tuta absoluta with the aim of analyzing the actions implemented in the integrated pest management , better known as the tomato moth, made during the campaign and plan future actions.

During the meeting , members noted that actions driven by Board to use integrated control techniques offer positive results in controlling the Tuta tomato crop in the open air.

The Director General of Agriculture and Livestock production , Judit Anda , moved to the representatives of ASAJAA , COAG , UPA, FAECA , the Inter- Fruit and Vegetables ( Hortyfruta ) and Association Organizations Fruit and Vegetable Producers of Andalusia ( APRO) some of the conclusions of the research conducted by the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research ( IFAP), as well as the actions performed by the laboratory production and plant health the MinistryBoth in the Lower Guadalquivir for tomatoes intended for outdoor industry, as in the province of Granada in outdoor cultivation for fresh consumption .

In this sense , Judith Anda highlighted the progress made regarding knowledge of the behavior and life cycle of the pestWho have been instrumental in designing application protocols that include integrated control cultural, biological and chemical weapons.

"It was a pioneering work completely , because we started from scratch because there was no investigation of this pest in tomatoes outdoors , "said the director general, who noted "rapid response Board about the serious problem suffered by the tomato growers in the last two seasons" .

Among other issues addressed , the director referred to the developments in the tomatoes for the industry, emphasizing that "thanks to the work of monitoring and technical coordination with the sector has solved the problem and findings by Tuta can be considered to have saved the campaign. "

During the meeting , Anda thanked the cooperation of the three cooperatives in Andalusia "The Marshes of Lebrija , Las Palmeras and Agricultural Society Transformation Hortoventas - with which Board signed an agreement last July for the implementation of biological control strategies to control Tuta absoluta in outdoor tomatoes both fresh consumption and for industrial processing.
He also thanked the companies Dupont, Agrobío , Koppert and Russell IPM for their participation and contributions in this area.

He stressed the unity and participation in the sector as a whole in the fight against this scourge "through a brilliant experience of public-private partnerships " and stressed that the results help to define new lines of action to establish improvements crop management in both the tomato in the greenhouse and in outdoor tomatoes .

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries will soon organize a information days with the participation of various experts in the prevention and combating pests. These meetings will present the progress made fruit of such research . 

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