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Tuta Absoluta News
1st Jul 2011
Spain: ministry announce the terms of insurance plan to protect farmers against Tuta absoluta damage

The Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs in Spain has published today the order by defining the terms and conditions to add Tuta absoluta damage in the general agricultural insurance plan for 2011 season.

The order which as published 0n 30 June 2011 is defining the minimum technical cultivation conditions, the scope, the warranty periods, the dates of signature and unit prices in relation to increasing insurance coverage for Canary tomato farms included in the 2011 Plan Agricultural Insurance and includes compensation for the damage by the tomato moth (Tuta absoluta). Thus, "are insurable, the production of tomatoes in all their varieties grown both outdoors and in greenhouses capable of collecting within the warranty period, against damage caused in quantity and quality specified by the risks covered," includes the facilities and are just outside the abandoned fields, which are intended for consumption or those parcels used for research.” The greenhouses, covered in this insurance, and to "be assured the risk of tomato moth (Tuta absoluta)" must take into account mesh bands and ridges, set traps, repairing cracks, clean surroundings with a break of 6 and eight weeks to return to farming.


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