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Tuta Absoluta News
22nd Jun 2011
Conference on Tuta absoluta in MENA region 19th – 21st July, 2011 Amman / Jordan

Scientific conference on Tomato Borer Tuta absoluta will be held in Amman /Jordan under the auspices of the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension and participation of the Agricultural Engineer Association and the Arab Society for Plant Protection

Tuta absoluta is a devastating pest of Tomato. It is considered to be a serious threat to tomato production in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This newly introduced pest from south America finds MENA region a perfect new home. It is crossing boarders and devastating tomato production in both protected and open fields. The infestation of Tuta absoluta also reported on potato, aubergine. Symposium sessions will address Tuta absoluta across regional disciplines in different agricultural, horticulture, market place and local environment issues. This Symposium greatly increases awareness concerning the area-wide approach for Tuta absoluta history, biology, ecology and control programs. Many new technical innovations have been introduced which will be addressed in order to develop a better regulatory framework for managing Tuta absoluta. Desired outcomes include clarifying the current state knowledge of Tuta absoluta and identifying critical issues where future emphasis should be directed to. In addressing these goals, we are seeking to develop a broad-based agenda including topics related to applied research, introducing new technologies, field applications and public awareness. Contact: Organizing Committee Directorate P.O. Box 11102 Amman 11123, Jordan Tel./Fax: (+962) 6 5536151 (MENA : Middle East and North Africa)


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