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Tuta Absoluta News
27th May 2011
Turkey - Tomato export down due to Tuta absoluta

Turkish Tomato exports have fallen in May by 22% and Tuta absoluta was blamed for the result.

According to press reports from Turkey, Antalya Exporters' Associations announced that Tomato export output for the period of May 1 to 25 fell by 22 per cent compared to the same period last year. Tuta absoluta was put as the main cause of the result. This association also questioned the effectiveness of the Ministry of Agriculture’s programme to control Tuta absoluta in the region. $30 Million loss in export revenues due to the impact of Tuta absoluta is projected till the end of 2011. The officials expect to see the unexported tomato will find its way to the local market. The officials stressed that the tomato may have lower quality but it will not present any health hazard to the consumer. The findings are going to be the discussed in a meeting between the Antalya exporters association and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural affairs on 30th May, according to association spokesman. 26 May 2011


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