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Tuta Absoluta News
24th Sep 2010
Tuta absoluta outbreak in Egypt and Jordan reported by the press

Recent reports in the Egyptian and Jordanian press have indicated that Tuta absoluta is wide spread and cousing serious financial damage to farmers in both countries


In a report by the Jordanian daily news paper  "Alghad" ( on 19th September 2010, a number of farmers confirmed that they have over 80% damage in their farms caused by Tuta absoluta. In a separated report the prices of Tomato have recorded an increase to as high as 1 Jordanian Dinar ( € 1.06) /Kg due to the shoratage of Tomata suitable for sale.

 The Egyptian daily news paper "Alwatanny Alyoum" have   on the other hand published an extensive field investigation on 21st September 2010. It reported an extensive damage in farms across the country with serious financial consequences to farmers. The report was the first detailed record of the presence of Tuta absoluta in Egypt.

These reports if confirmed will mean that Tuta absoluta have now completed its invasion to the Mediterranean region with no exception. All countries on the Mediterranean and Eigen seas now home to the Tomato borer Tuta absoluta.

 24th September 2010


updated 1st October 2010

 Earlier this week, the Jordanian government have opened the door to import Tomato for the first time in 15 years. However, this measure did not help since the potential suppliers Syria, Turkey and Egypt are experiencing crop shortage as well. National emergency measures to combat the pest have been put in place and due to be implemented as early as next week.





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