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Tuta Absoluta News
13th Jun 2009
Tunisia acts against Tuta absoluta

Tunisian Ministry of agriculture has started monitoring and mass trapping campaign to stem the tide of Tuta absolute infestation at an early stage with pheromones playing key part in the strategy

13 June 2009

The Ministry of Agriculture in Tunisia has ordered an emergency supply of 60,000 pheromone lures from Russell IPM Ltd (United Kingdom) for immediate distribution to tomato growers around Tunisia.  The lures will be used in locally manufactured water traps for the purpose of widespread monitoring and mass trapping.  

The use of pheromones is a key part of the Ministry's strategy of managing Tuta absoluta. The Ministry is also looking at a range of options to develop a national stratagy to combat this serious pest. Tuta absoluta was only reported in Tunisia in 2008.

Tunisia plants over 25,000 Hectare of table and industrial Tomato. It is considered as a key element of the country´s economy.


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