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Nakos asked on 25th Mar 2010

I am from Greece and the insect exists here, nearly a year, troubling farmers and agronomists, but all the records are about "table tomato" and none of them about industrial tomato(tomato for pasta and ketchup). Is there any record about this?

claudio Responded on 8th Apr 2010 From My pònit of view is the same, they are tomato plants and will be eated by Tuta in the same way, other thing is that it is posible to produce Keptchup with tomatoes with tuta inside.
Chiti Responded on 30th Apr 2010

The attack can occur independent of the destiny of tomatoes, but in my country (Chile), it damage in industrial crops is very low beacuse of the numerous insecticide sprays. Normally, cephalic capsules of larvae are not destroyed by processin of the fruits, so they can also be a problem.

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