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Tuta Absoluta Discussions
Arian asked on 18th Mar 2010

Hello After a 14 days that i found adult of tuta in tomato i found larvaes on leaves with damage like on picture. I put the 20 traps(tutasan) on 1 ha after i found adults, but still after 7 days i din´t found adults on them... What is next step?

Arian Responded on 21st Mar 2010


I don´t know is it fresh pheromones i think they are because i got them from Koppert!

I put liquid soap in water where are pheromones( Tutasan), is this ok, or should i put just oil in that water??

Today i found adults (2 new) in water, but i have many hot spots in greenhouse where is my tomato, what should i do next?

My oppinion:

To introduce Macrolophus caliginosus (5 ad/m2) on hot spots, or to spray this hot spots with spinosad(very harmful to macrolophus) or bacillus thuringiensis( not harmful to macrolophus).

What do you think?


claudio Responded on 8th Apr 2010 spray the crop each 7-10 days with pesticides agaist Tuta, spinosad, indoxacarb, Flubendiamida, etc..... becareful with white flys and spider mites. good luck

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