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Tuta Absoluta Discussions
Charles asked on 11th Oct 2009

we are farmers from malta planting the moment there is no insecticde have good result in malta. there is any insecticide in europe have good result fot tutta absoluta? thanks

mrtbrz Responded on 12th Oct 2009

Dear All you can use SP%u0130NTOR ( Spinosad 480 gai)againt to Lepidopters on tomato. Dose rate for HElicoverap Thirps= 200 ml / ha

For Tuta absoluta : 250-300 cc / ha

Best Regards



leafminer Responded on 14th Oct 2009

Dear Sir,I believe as a microlepidopteran insect,you have to attack the moth and larvae by using pheromone for monitoring and control as well as Insect Growth regulator or Inhibitor.Calypso and Spinosad could be a choice for moth attack  in EU.IGR or IGI such as Match,Alsystin and Dimilin with pheroone are the suitable control methods.


zuperchest Responded on 14th Oct 2009

Why don't you try with beneficial insects like Nesidiocoris tenuis and Trichogramma spp.?

arik Responded on 21st Oct 2009

we are from Cyprus and we had excelent result in Israel and Algeria with Oxymatrine 2.4 SL from SINERIA INDUSTRIES LTS - its work realy well against Tuta - ,you can find the detailes


misseri-design Responded on 15th Nov 2009

habe die lösung gegen tutta absoluta ...viel spasss beim suchen ... es hat lange gedauert aber habe die lösung gefunden und es funktioniert ....

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